Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth

This will be the premier posting regarding the second book of Andrew Loomis which I will be presenting for you.  Following my previously stated pattern of approaching Loomis’ writing by order of hierarchy, this manual Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth shall be the second instalment.  It follows naturally from the preceding edition which I have presented (that being Successful Drawing).  If you have not completed that course, I suggest to go back, and read each of those blogs, as it will greatly enhance your ability to succeed in this course.

The manual Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth  by Andrew Loomis will introduce you to every required skill needed to be able to draw realistic figures from the imagination.  Many readers and lay people may believe that the ability to draw a realistic figure from the imagination is something akin to a god given gift.  This is not so, as you shall soon see.

You can invent figures such as this one, as I have drawn this morning.


In this particular posting, I will outline the general course which this presentation will take. The course will be broken into 4 terms, each encompassing 3 major topics.


Term 1 Topics:

A) The Approach to Figure Drawing

B) The Mannikin

C) Bones and Muscles


1.We will begin with a general review of the talk Andrew Loomis tends to begin his books with, where he will explain his philosophy and some of his general history regarding art.

2. Next we will investigate the ideal proportions for illustrating the figure.

3. Following this, we will illuminate the method of placing a figure realistically within an imagined setting, such that the perspective is correct and the relation to the ground is correct.

4. The mannikin figure will then be introduced, including how to add bulk to the frame, how to move the mannikin and keep it in perspective and again how to place it naturally within a setting.

5. Then, the mannikin will be drawn from any position, and I will show you the differences between the male and female mannikin.

male and female mannikin
The Male and Female mannikin are different.

6. After the mannikin has been fully mastered, we will move into proper anatomy.  I will begin this section by relating the reader to all of the major bones which Andrew Loomis indicates are necessary for the illustrator to know.

7. Following this, we will investigate each of the major muscles groups, including those of the trunk, the arms, and the legs both from before and behind views.

This will bring us to the end of Term One.



I hope you will enjoy this course. I intend to present a new lesson each week on Mondays.  Please subscribe to this blog for updates, and let me know how you are doing in the comments below.  I will respond to every comment.

Lastly, I guarantee that following each of these lessons will greatly accelerate your figure drawing skills, and with practice you can become fully proficient and confidently draw the Figure For All It’s Worth.

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